Welcome to Community Bible Church

Our Philosophy is simple. Relationships build people and people build the Church. The most important relationship is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The foundation of our church is people with a relationship with Jesus. We realize that our relationships with each other will also help us be more effective in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

Our Purposes


God created us to enjoy him, to relish in his glory.  We call this worship.  Though he calls us to daily lives of devotion, we love celebrating him together each Sunday.


We were designed to grow best in the context of relationship.  When we fellowship we are like “Iron Sharpening Iron.”


True believers are disciples of Jesus.  He commanded us, “Follow Me”.   Though we often fail, our deepest desire is to follow closely to our Lord.


God has given each us of gifts designed to be used within the Body of Christ, the Church.  As each of us serves, the Body grows and we in turn have our own needs met.


Jesus’ last command to us before he went up into heaven was that we share His message with others.  Though this comes last in our list it is foundational to why we exist.